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The roof over your head is one of the most important (and expensive!) parts of your home, so it’s critical to protect your investment by making it last as long as possible. Barring a severe storm, a typical roof can last up to 20 years, however, many factors will determine its lifespan – the type of materials used, the original installation, and of course, maintenance. Here, the roofing specialists at Performance Roofing offer tips to extend the lifespan of your roof.

Have your roof professionally inspected.For obvious reasons, you may not notice that your roof has an issue until a leak has occurred. This is why you should have your roof inspected by a professional roofing company, such as Performance Roofing in Orlando, FL, at least once a year. If you notice algae growth, damaged or missing shingles, sagging and wet spots on the ceiling, run (don’t walk) to the phone and give us a call at 407.974.7675!

Clean the gutters. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, with fall and spring being the ideal times to do so. When gutters are not properly maintained, they will overflow and get clogged. This can cause water to get into your sheathing which can lead to rotting.

Trim tree branches. Falling trees and branches are the number one cause of roof damage, so it’s a good idea to make sure your branches are at least 10 feet away from the roof. Trimming branches will not only help to prevent damage to your roof, but it will also keep unwanted pests away. Please note, we highly recommend hiring a professional tree-trimming company! Trimming trees is more dangerous than you may think!

Keep your roof clean. The debris that builds up on your roof will eventually start to decompose and cause problems for your shingles and sheathing. Keep debris to a minimum by sweeping/blowing off your roof once or twice a year. You can also use a leaf blower, but do not use a pressure washer as high pressure can damage the shingles. If this is not a project you want to tackle, call the roofing specialists at Performance Roofing!

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Finding the best roofing contractor for regular maintenance and repairs can be a challenge, but you can trust that your roof is in excellent hands with Performance Roofing! Please call us today at 407.974.7675 to learn more about our residential and multi-family roofing maintenance, repair, and installation services.


Drip, drip…ugh! No one wants to find a leak in the ceiling…not ever. But when a leak appears, it is important to take immediate action to minimize any potential damage that could result from excess water. The professional roofing specialists at Performance Roofing offer tips on what to do should your roof start to leak.

Contain the Leak. If you notice water dripping or discoloration in your ceiling, run (don’t walk!) and grab a bucket, trash can, or other container and place it under the site of the drip or suspected leak. This will protect furniture, your floors, or anything close to the leaky area. *Pro Tip: To minimize the sound of repetitive drips, prop a board inside the container so the drip hits the board and not the accumulated water.

Relieve Water Pressure. If the water in your ceiling creates a bulge, take a screwdriver, and puncture a small hole in the center or lowest point of the bulge. Make sure to have a bucket underneath! This will allow the water to drain smoothly and relieve pressure on the rest of your ceiling, thus preventing it from collapsing. Pro Tip: It may take more than one puncture from the screwdriver to relieve the water pressure collecting in the ceiling.

Tarp the Roof. Whether there’s a contractor delay or a financial constraint, a roof repair or replacement may not happen immediately. If this is the case, cover the leaky area of your roof (at least four feet of area and up to the peak) with a tarp that is at least six millimeters thick. Unless you’re sure that you are replacing the roof, DO NOT fasten the tarp through the old roofing system as you will create more damage. Secure the tarp with sandbags or other similar objects rather than putting holes in the existing roof. Pro Tip: If the peak is far from the leak, tuck the tarp under the shingles, so the water doesn’t go beneath the tarp.

Call a Professional Roofing Company. We know you have some serious DIY skills, but a leaky roof is a big undertaking to tackle! To properly repair your roof and to stop the leak, consider contacting a professional roofing company such as Performance Roofing in Orlando, FL. Don’t delay because the longer you wait, the bigger (and more costly!) the problem! Pro Tip: When you call a professional roofing company, the entire roof (not just the area in question) will be inspected for potential leaks and problem areas.

Leaky roof? Contact Performance Roofing – Orlando’s Top Roofing Specialist!

If you suspect that your roof is leaking, to prevent further damage to your home, it is critical to take immediate action! The experienced team of roofing specialists at Performance Roofing will inspect your roof to find the source of the leak and provide an estimate for a reliable repair or replacement. To learn more about our residential and multi-family roofing services, please call us at (404) 783-8646 to schedule a FREE inspection.


Want to extend the lifespan of your roof? Proper maintenance is key, and regular professional inspections are by far the best way to protect your investment. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends a self-check twice a year as well as regular professional inspections from a reliable roofing company. The roofing specialists at Performance Roofing weigh in…

Why Professional Roof Inspections are a Must

Even though you may not see damage to your roof or have a leak in your ceiling, it’s never safe to just assume your roof is in excellent working condition. In fact, roofs are quite vulnerable and easily susceptible to flaws and damage, some of which include:
• Damage from storms
• Improper installation
• Poor quality material

Interested in scheduling a professional roof inspection? Call the reliable and dedicated Orlando roofing specialists at Performance Roofing today at 407.974.7701!

The Determining Factors for Frequency of Roof Inspections

Knowing how often to get a roof professionally inspected depends on several factors, some of which include:

The Roof Material
Different types of roof material tend to weather and decay at different rates, and therefore, need to be inspected more frequently. Here are the most common types of roofing materials and how often we recommend how long you should go between inspections:
• Asphalt shingles – once every 2 – 3 years
• Wood shingles – once every 3 years
• Tile roofs – up to five years between inspections

If Your Roof is Damaged
A leak in the ceiling, missing or damaged tiles and shingles, granules of shingles in the gutters and drainage system, and daylight showing in the attic or crawl space are tell-tale signs of roof damage!

If these issues are not immediately addressed, dry rot, mold, and mildew can result and pose a major threat to the structural integrity of your home. To prevent further damage, have your roof inspected by a professional roofing specialist such as Performance Roofing immediately.

The Condition of the Underlayment and Other Roof Components
A roof is comprised of several components including the sheathing material, flashings, underlayment, the roof covering, and gutters. Because the underlayment is not visible, it is one of the most difficult layers for homeowners to inspect on their own. In some situations, like tile roofing, it is the part of the roof that waterproofs the structure and may need repairs. An experienced roofing specialist will not only inspect the roof material but also its other components, especially the underlayment.

Performance Roofing – Orlando’s Top-Rated Residential and Multi-Family Roofing Specialists
If you are in the Orlando area and need a reliable roof inspection, contact the experienced roofing specialists at Performance Roofing at 407.974.7701! Our professional roofing experts provide top-quality residential and multi-family roofing services in the Orlando area!