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Where Do Roof Leaks Occur Most Often?

Roof leaks are a nuisance, a major one at that. First, they can be incredibly difficult to diagnose. Second, different weather conditions can produce leaks in completely different locations. The good news? The majority of roofs operate using the simple principle of gravity, which is helpful in locating the source of a leak. The bad news? Certain deck materials, especially when horizontal on a low slope system, can make it nearly impossible to detect a leak. In fact, a leak could be eight to ten feet sideways from where you see the wet ceiling or a spot in the attic!

This is where an experienced roofing contractor, such as Performance Roofing, can help. Here we identify the most common areas for a roof leak.

Fields of Shingles.

As a roof ages, especially later near the end of its lifespan, a leak can occur anywhere in the roof field. At Performance Roofing, our knowledgeable estimators will carefully inspect the entire roof, looking for lifting or exposed fasteners, missing granules, cracks, or other indications of water intrusion.


A roof valley is a line where two roof planes intersect and depending on where you live, this could be covered with shingles, exposed metal flashing, or rolled roofing. Many times, water can collect in these low spots, so any problem with the covering could allow water to enter the house.

Vents Pipes.

Another common spot for a roof leak is around a vent pipe, also known as a plumbing vent, which protrudes from the roof to allow air to vent your plumbing system. A vent pipe is typically surrounded by a rubber or lead flashing that seals the penetration through the roofing system. This flashing may become worn or cracked and often leads to a leak. A rubber boot can fail in as little as a few years in our harsh Southeastern climate, so periodic maintenance is key to stopping a leak before it happens. Additionally, squirrels and other rodents are notorious for chewing on lead plumbing flashings.

Around Skylights.

There are two main causes for a roof leak around a skylight – improper installation or worn weather-sealing along the skylight edges. A poorly fitted skylight will allow water to enter down the sides and at the seal around the glass.

Around the Chimney.

The flashings above and around the chimney are one of the most common sources of a leak. Chimneys contain several different types of flashing, all of which must be in near perfect condition, or a leak could occur. Even a hairline crack above the flashing can allow vast amounts of water to run behind the flashings and into the home. An experienced roofing contractor will look for compromised corners of flashing that could have been broken or have holes.


When gutters become clogged or damaged, standing water can back up and cause leaks. Keep this from happening by cleaning out your gutters regularly!

Performance Roofing is Orlando’s Premier Roofing Contractor!

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