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Can My Roof Be Repaired?

Your home is one of the biggest investments you can make, and the roof is what keeps your investment safe, sheltered, and secured. It protects your home from outside elements, and when that protection is compromised, it can lead to serious damage to the structure and interior of your home.

A damaged roof needs one of two things – a repair or a replacement. But how do you know which option to go with? The highly trained roofing professionals at Performance Roofing weigh in…

Has my roof been damaged?

Sometimes there are clear signs of roof damage such as watermarks in the ceiling, leaks, and missing or curling shingles. Less obvious signs may exist and are most often located in harder-to-reach areas of the house. These include the…

  • Attic – Look for discoloration, leaks, or light peeking through a section of the roof.
  • Rooftop – Inspect your shingles for cracking or buckling, and check to see if any have made their way into the gutters.
  • Flashings – Found at the transitions around vents, walls, chimneys, and skylights, flashings are an important part of the roof’s waterproofing. Look for cracks, rust, or damage as they can lead to serious interior water damage once they fail.

If you notice any of the signs of roof damage listed above, it is important to have a roofing contractor come out immediately. At Performance Roofing, our estimators know exactly what to look for and will determine the best course of action for your roof. Call us today for a FREE inspection at (407) 210-1503.

Does my roof need a repair or replacement?

Unfortunately, there are times when a roof is beyond repair and the best option is a replacement. However, knowing the difference will either save you money on a replacement or keep your home from incurring further damage and additional expense. Here are the three main factors which will determine whether your roof needs a repair or replacement…

Size of the Damage:

Rule of thumb…the smaller the area of damage and the earlier that it is caught, the more likely a repair will do the trick. There are still instances when even a small, damaged area is beyond repair due to the age or condition of the roof. Often, your repair is only as good as the quality of the existing roof that you are tying your new materials into.

Age of the Roof:

Every roof has a lifespan, some longer than others depending on the material and outside elements. There is a point where your roofing system becomes too brittle to properly service. If your roof is damaged and nearing the end of its expected lifespan, it may make more sense to invest in a new roof rather than continue to waste money on repairs.

Sturdiness of the Roof:

If our contractors notice any dips in the decking while inspecting your roof, it’s a good indication that the structure of your roof has been compromised due to wood rot. Small areas may be isolated and addressed with a repair. However, if the damage is widespread enough, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately with a roof replacement likely. The longer you wait, the more costly the repairs will be.

At Performance Roofing, we have been helping residents of Orlando repair, replace, and maintain their roofs for years and know exactly what to look for to determine a roof repair vs. replacement.

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